Fundamentals of Online Printing

Printing has become an important part of our life ever since it came into existence. We are surrounded by many oriented things in our day to day life, newspapers, pamphlets, business cards, brochures, wedding cards, and much more. Now, more and more because of globalization, we don’t even have to go to the printing firms. We have online printing done for us and delivered to our convenient address.

Golumbia Printing

Advantages of online printing:

  • Personalization: Online printing companies provide highly personalized experiences. They do not negotiate over the designs like the printing stores. We have to submit our design and they will have to deliver it without much discussion.
  • Discounts: Most of the times, the online printing sites offer huge discounts in order to attract customers. And that is what happens, people get attracted to the discounts and prefer online printing over the local shop printing.
  • Quality: As online printing isn’t much into the trend now, the owners want to attract customers and hence try to give them the best service possible. So, they come up with the best quality products in order to satisfy the customers.
  • Order preview: Online orders make proofing very easy as it enables us to preview our order before we place it and hence makes it easy for us to judge our design

Online printing is an oligopsony form of market. This means that the number of sellers is more than the number of buyers and therefore there is a very high competition between the sellers, in order to attract customers, the variety of services ordered, efficiency, quality, etc. every factor comes into existence. Based on these factors, a buyer makes a choice between the different firms.  Online printing gives us the liberty to choose from a wide variety of qualities and finishing that we want on our prints, some are UV protected, matte, digital, etc.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Before placing an order, it is important to know what kind of printing are we getting, offset or digital. It is important for us to know that what kind of service is being provided to us. Offset printing usually gives better results than digital printing. Digital printing is cheaper as it is directly on the printing surface. Offset printing is expensive as it provides a better quality of printing. It is done by first conveying the ink on a plate and then on a rubber blanket and finally on the printing surface. So it is important for us to know which kind of printing is given to us.

One of the well-doing printing sites now is Golumbia Printing based in Mississauga. They provide the most refined quality of online printing. The services offered by them include printing of business card, wedding cards, brochures, etc.


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